Monday, 24 August 2009

Sang bleu Interview

Sang Bleu -

Binary Function
August 09, 2009 by Ben Perdue
There are two sides to every story; in this case it’s photographer Alex Beer and his subject Mark Harris.

The view from behind the lens..

“I love photography as a whole but tattoos are my passion. I’m fascinated by their unique qualities, from person to person and culture to culture. How they function as a visual representation of a person’s life and family history. I like to capture this through photography but with an edge.

“I’m making a TV show next year about the history of tattoos across the world, visiting ten countries in ten weeks. From Australia to Brazil and Japan to New Zealand, using my body as a canvas to illustrate the different styles of tattooing in each country. I’ll also be making a photo diary as I go which will become a book to accompany the show. Until then I will continue to photograph interesting tattooed people. That’s the plan.” Alex Beer

And the view from in front..

“I believe that you can tell a lot about someone by their tattoos, as they should be an extension of who they are, which is important for me as a performer. I’m a male solo singer and my artist name is Maze. The genre of music is comparative to that of a male Pink. I’m currently working on an album set for a spring 2010 release.
“I have had the same tattooist for all of my designs purely because she knows me as a person and therefore her illustrations represent who I am. My largest piece is the dragon over half my torso, which took around 30 hours to complete. I like the fact that not many people have large pieces purely because of the pain factor. Again this tells you something about the individual, even if it’s only that they are probably slightly insane.” Mark Harris

Tattoos by Lesley Chan at Shangri-la, Kingsland Rd, London

Fetishwear by Expectations, Great Eastern St, London

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